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Iconic Arapahoe Acres Stands the Test of Time for one of the Country's Best Examples of a Mid-Century Modern Neighborhood!

Relevant Today as when it was first Built 61 Years Ago Arapahoe Acres Still Exemplifies Great Neighborhood Planning, Architectural Interest and a Strong Connection to its Topography.

124 Homes were Built in Arapahoe Acres, and Became an Overnight Post WWII Phenomena. In Fact, it was the First Neighborhood to be Listed as a Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places!

Passion and Intrigue with Modern Design and Sensibilities Architect and DU Professor Eugene Sternberg and Developer/Builder Edward Hawkins began the Design/Build Process. Hawkins was fascinated with Frank Lloyd Wright and Studied his Works in Illinois and brought the Usonian Style back with him that Helped Define Arapahoe Acres Character and Design.

Materials and the Natural Topography of the Site were Critical in the way the Homes were Designed and Tucked into the Landscape. Natural Stone, Wood, Aluminum, Glass, Concrete and Brick were used to Harmonize with the Environment and Create the Incredible Indoor/Outdoor Connection.

Curving Streets, Historic Mid-Century Street Signage, Jaw Dropping Landscape, Diverse Usonian Architecture and Creative and Fun Neighbors Brings an Incredible Afternoon Stroll Thru a Treasured American Neighborhood!
  • Arapahoe Acres Home and Garden Tour
  • Usonian Style Homes
  • Ranches, Bi-Levels and Tri-Levels
  • Curving Streets
  • Mid-Century Americana Street Signage
  • Lush Landscape with Lots of Japanese Garden Influence